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Smatata photography

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  • photographers in Oslo
  • We are a team of: photographers, graphic designers, animators, web developers, programmers, strategists, marketers and branding enthusiast based in oslo. Our job is to help you or your business in planning, implementing and deploying your creativity and marketing projects.

    We offer diverse but complimentary services and this makes us a one stop point for planning, implementing and deploying your design, creativity and marketing projects.
    With us, you pay less for more and our prices are competitive.

    Our mission

    Our mission is to give each and every customer the taste of excellence that they truly deserve. We want to build a portfolio of customers that are able relax, focus on other aspects of their life or business and still be confident that their projects will be planned, implemented and deployed on time.

    Our vision

    Our vision is a brand that is globally recorgnised for variety of services, excellent quality of customer service as well as high speed and accuracy of delivery.

    All our customers are happy and confident relaying on us and your experience with us will not be different.


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  • Photography


    They say a photo speaks louder than a thousand words. We make the photo shout so the message is even louder and clearer in the silence, quietness and fineness of pixels.

    You can relay on us for all your professional photography needs. we got you covered for any of the following type of photography:

    • Product photography
    • Real estate photography
    • Drone photography
    • Fashion photography
    • Cooperate photography
    • Baby photography
    • Event photography

    Feel free to pay a visit to our photography studio in oslo or contact us for further inquiry

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing

    Business cards, flyers, posters, banners and other printed media are still valid and effective means of expression, advertisement and creation of brand awareness. That is why we have taken our time to understand and master the art of digital printing.

    We have also invested in modern printers with latest technology. Besides, we have partnered with the best there is in the industry to ensure that our customers get the best quality of prints at competitive price.

    We can print all of the following type of items:

    • Business cards
    • Banners
    • Wallpapers
    • Stickers
    • Rollups
    • Photographs
    • Window decor

    We print with eco friendly and scratch proof ink and we can print up to 50 meters on media such as: Vinyles, canvas, PVC banner, perforated window vinyl, films, photo paper and many more

    Feel free to pass by our printery in Oslo for inspiration or contact us for further inquiry

  • Graphic design

    Graphic design

    We are young and restless. We have studied the past, we know what is trending and we are well equipped with modern industry standard software and technology. We have flexed our design muscles and tested our skills on different projects ranging from simple logos, business cards, postcards, flyers to complicated 3D graphics and illustrations.

    We are professional designers. So let us give you or your business the identity that is truely deserved. Let us impress, engage and wow you, your friends and your customers.

    Please inspire us with your needs and experience the full might of creativity and originality with a twist of minimalism.

    Feel free to stop by our office or contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Web development

    Web development

    In today's world the authenticity, credibility and reputation of businesses are often prejudged by the existence, appearance, look and feel of their websites. A none engaging, none informative and slow website often results in low conversion rate, lost of reputation, lost of revenue and even lost of customers.

    We have years of experience in website development. Our strength lies in our understanding and ability to manipulate the core programming languages (HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT ) used for website development. We are also familiar with and able to use server side programming languages and web development framework such as: PHP, PYTHON, JAVA, Nodejs, WordPress, bootstrap, angular, jquery, jquery mobile etc.

    Simple websites, social networking websites, blogs, ecommerce websites are just to mention a few of the kind of websites that we can develop, host and manage.

    Feel free to stop by our office or contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Branding


    We help businesses and individuals to put their name, logo, color and other symbols and images on items ranging from t-shirts to energy drinks.

    For businesses, Using customized or branded item is very important in creating a strong brand and maintaining customers' loyalty. As an individual you can show your affection, love, care, playfullness and impress your guest, friends and family by presenting them with items and gifts that are made specially for them or for a given occasion. You can also treat your self with something special and memorable by getting something customized for yourself.

    We do not just customize or brand items. We also supply these items in very high standard and quality but at affordable prices. We can supply variety of items which include: T-shirts, powerbanks, phone cases, USB pen drive, key holders, mugs, plates, fridge magnets, shopping bags, traveling bags, soft drinks, sweets, chocolate, protein bar etc. You can order one item or thousands of items and it will be supplied

    The list of items that we supply is enourmous and can not all be listed here. So please pay us a visit or contact us to discuss your needs and prices.

  • Marketing


    Combining marketing and other aspect of one's business can be difficult and daunting. But things get worst when this very important task falls into the hands of the wrong person or organisation.

    Several years of academic training in marketing does not always amount to good marketing skills. A good marketer is one that is propelled by passion and the insatiable desire to see the success of the venture of his fellow man. And this is where you find us.

    We literally do not have multiple years of academic studies and degree in marketing. But we do have passion and we believe that the success of your venture is also our success. Besides, we are very coversant with current marketing trends and have the technical-know and equipements to annex these trends for the benefit of your business.

    You can rely on us for: SEO (Search Engine Optimization ), google Ad words, Youtube marketing, Email marketing, Facebook / instagram marketing, SMS marketing, Billboards as well as announcement on TV and radio stations.

    Feel free to stop by our office or contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Videography


    Due to shortened attention span, the use of videos is becoming the new normal for passing messages accross to friends, family and potential customers. But producing professional, high quality and captivating video is not a very easy task. This often requires substantial amount of time and resources in planning and acquiring professional video equipment. Besides, video editing skills and high performance computers are also required to painlessly edit and put the videos together in post production.

    Thanks to us. You do not have to spend your time and resources in planning or buying video equipement or learning to use video editing softwares. We have done all the investments and we can also do the planning and implimentation of your video projects. We can make the video at our videography studio or at any location that is suitable for your project. We also have hollywood grade drone for recording 4K videos.

    Whiteboard animation, digital story telling, 2D and 3D character animation as well as short cartoon movies or presentations can also be created by us.

    Visit us at our office or contact us and let us start planning your next video project today

  • Sign making

    Sign making

    Signs, they direct us, they warn us of dangers, they tell people about places and serve as landmarks. Businesses rely on signs to attract customers and create awareness for their physical presence. But how and where can I get my sign made? You have probably thought about this question before.

    Yes before you found us. Because sign making is a major part of the services that we render. All you need to do is tell us what you need and we will provide you with the right sign; made with the right materials and installed just where you need it to be. We can provide: different form of street Signs, billboards and letters signs with or without lights.

    Feel free to stop by our office or contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Car wrapping

    Car wrapping

    Cars can be wrapped by anybody. But do you really want your car to be wrapped by just anybody? Well, we guess not!

    Our guess is that you want your car to be wrapped and handled in a professional manner. We also guess that you want a car wrapping team that pays attention to details and can help you with design when needed.

    We can do more than pay attention to details and help you with design. We can also create a 3D model of your car with the design so you get to see how the car will look with the designs before you approve the project.

    Full car wrapping with protective films and different types of vinyl can be done by us. Besides car wrapping we also install advertisements and other form of graphics on: trailers, boats, lorries, truck, glass windows, machines and other objects and surfaces.

    All graphics can be made and printed by us and this make it possible for us to do very good jobs at comparatively lower prices.

    Feel free to stop by our office or contact us to discuss your needs.



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